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Actor – Power
AURELIA – Second Home
Berlue – Always
Clunks – Have a Heart
Digisaurus – Escapades
Family Hahas – OK Year
Ginger Root – Belleza
Go Periscope – Wait for You
HARBOUR – Get You High
Harfang – Stockholm
Haula,VRS.US – Good to You (feat. Vrs.Us)
Have To Have – West Of The Best
Hayfitz – Pinpoint
HazeyJaneUK – Open
HBM – Sleepless Nights
Heir – Better in Silence
Heir – I’ll Pick You Up
Hidinin – Something Better
Hobart Curtis – Want Me
Holiday Oscar – Gently
Inaniel Swims – Awkward Affections
Nightseason – Strangers
Refs – Bound to Lose
Roderic H – Nobody Knows
Sarah Banker – Lie to Me
Scotch Mist – Big Red Button
Scott Matthews – Drifter – Radio Edit
Scott Right Now – Start of the Show
Shy Shy Shy – Beautiful Boys & Girls
Silences – Emma
Silences – Vancouver Aches
Single Girl, Married Girl – Starlight
Skin & Bones – Ghost in This Town
SkinnyLivity – Dont Think Twice, It’s Alright – Bob Dylan Cover
Social Room – Take
Solaseria – I Lost My Eyes
Sonder Saloon – Change
Sophomore,Frankie Lipman – Cherry
Sunflower Thieves – Heavy Weight – Stripped Version
Swamp Fat Jangles – You Only Say I Love You When You’re Drunk
Tall Blonde – Wonderful
The Brahms – Feels Like Home
The Brahms – Windsor
The Brigadier – Feels Like Something
The Exploding Voids – As It Comes
The Greylark Sisters – You Played Me
The Hollow Men – Speak
The Honey Trees – Wild Winds
The King’s Parade – Haze
The King’s Parade – Mother Tongue
The King’s Parade – Silhouette
The National Parks – Wind & Anchor
The Natterjacks – Be There
The Natterjacks – Spiralling Down
The Peppermint Club – Everything Is Changing
Violetta Zironi,Ed Prosek – Little Wound
Visiteur – Grand
Vodetto – Reaching Out
Wilderado – Talking About Love To A Cigarette
Wolfy – Solid Gold

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4 thoughts on “Indie PopFolkRock Music Compilation vol.19 | 247 Live Radio | WANDERER Music

  1. This music compilation is fantastic and I particularly like the wonderful cover picture of the misty landscape.
    All songs are really great, but my favourites are: Wonderful and Everything is changing. 🤍🎶

  2. Amo este tipo de musica, gracias, ¡está genial!. Ich mag diesen Musiktyp, danke schön, es ist toll!.

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