Indie Rock Playlist – Driving through Los Angeles

I strapped a Go-Pro to my car, and drove around my favorite city in the world. Los Angeles. Tied it all together with 40 minutes of my favorite tracks of the year.

Black English – Big Waves

The Boxer Rebellion – Big Ideas

Incan Abraham – Concorde

Local Natives – Dark Days

Francisco The Man – Progress

Electric Guest – Dear To Me

Torches – We’re Gone

CHAPPO – What Are You Kids On

YAST – When You’re Around

Torches – Tongues

The Bulls – Truly

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20 thoughts on “Indie Rock Playlist – Driving through Los Angeles

  1. Thx for this amazing video with extremely good music! Sounds stupid but I listened/watched it while being on the cross trainer and haha I got sooo motivated because it felt like I was running so fast as you drove😂 anyway thank you for this video which I luckily found!

  2. Nice city. I would like to go to LA when all this pandemic situation gets over. Does it has a much high cost of living?

  3. Thank you for doing this! I lived in LA for close to 20 years and moved a couple of years ago. Was having LA withdrawals and this was spot on…THANKS!

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