IndieRockAlternative Compilation – August 2021 1½-Hour Playlist

Discover the best new indie, rock & alt music in our August compilation! Tracklist below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Joseph Milauskas – ‘Getaway’

3:28 Kios – ‘I Need You’

7:26 Lawson Hull – ‘Parking Lot’

10:39 Michael Barrow & The Tourists – ‘Y.O.U.’

14:27 The Haunted Youth – ‘Coming Home’

18:47 Grizfolk – ‘Fumes’

22:47 False Friends – ‘Such Good Weather’

26:28 Elenowen – ‘Believer’

30:20 Hydromag – ‘Sakura’

33:59 girlhouse – ‘happy now’

37:33 Wilby – ‘Translucent Beauty’

41:05 Rhineland – ‘Downtown Lights’

44:57 Talk Time – ‘Dead Weight’

48:29 Kloudink – ’I Don’t Mind’

51:35 Paden – ’Built to Stay’

55:46 Rowan – ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk’

59:51 Crystal Cities – ‘Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight’

1:03:23 THALA – ‘bad blood’

1:07:25 Steve & EJ Michels – ‘Color

1:10:58 Oceanic – ‘Angel’

1:15:06 ØZWALD – ‘pelham blues’

1:18:00 Jeremy Oliveria – ’Counterfeiter’

1:21:20 Julien’s Daughter – ‘The Dealer’s Hand’

1:24:26 Bridges – ‘Star Signs’

1:27:49 Sleepy Soul – ‘Lynlake’

1:32:33 Arrow Kids – ‘Stay Young’

1:35:46 Telegraph – ‘Time To Come Home’

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20 thoughts on “IndieRockAlternative Compilation – August 2021 1½-Hour Playlist

  1. Take the perfect summer getaway with our August Indie/Rock/Alt compilation! Travel to distant places, see incredible sights and come home at the end, without leaving your headphones or speakers! We hope you enjoy your voyage of music discovery and have an amazing trip! 🚐☀️
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  2. This playlist is soooo good😄😃 It reminds me of my happy late evenings….and my best memories

  3. time flies so fast! The next thing you know..Alexrainbirdmusic will be posting christmas tracks in no time! lol

  4. Awesome playlist Alex and Beth! Thanks for including us in this amazing collection of artists! All the best from Nashville!

  5. This is a really great selection of fantastic songs and I particularly like the wonderful landscape picture. My favourite songs are “Believer”, “Built to stay” and “Counterfeiter”. 🧡🎶

  6. 誰がこれを必要とするかはわかりませんが、混乱したと感じるたびに、休憩して落ち着くのを忘れないでください。 コーヒーやお茶を作って、しばらく仕事をやめ、呼吸法を数回行います。 誰かが前に私に言った、「いつものように悪い時は過ぎ去る。すべてが大丈夫になるだろう」。

  7. Joseph Milauskas SLAYED IT with the opener. “Getaway” SLAPS.

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