IndieRockAlternative Compilation – July 2021 1½-Hour Playlist

Discover the best new indie, rock & alt music in our July compilation! Tracklist below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Husbands – ‘Must Be a Cop’

3:47 Vacation Manor – ‘Parachute’

7:11 girlhouse – ‘pretty girl in la’

10:34 Young Rising Sons – ‘Skeletons’

13:51 Florence Rose – ‘Good For Me’

17:14 Mrxz – ‘ILY!’

20:31 Rhineland – ‘Leave Me a Light On’

24:18 KALI – ‘Too Tired’

27:30 Pastel Coast – ‘Sunset’

31:09 The Motive – ‘Do You Know’

34:18 Luke Noa – ‘She Looms’

37:17 Coopertheband – ‘Wilderness’

41:48 Apricus – ‘Hollow’

47:09 Lemony Rug – ‘Unpack Your Bags’

50:41 The Sadderdays – ’Song for Insomnia’

55:29 Make Friends – ’Sleep Sound’

59:29 Only Sun – ‘Wishing You Well’

1:02:07 Alex Partridge – ‘There’s No Way’

1:05:23 Dawson Hollow – ‘Can You Feel It Now?’

1:08:29 Kevin Herig – ‘Chitter Chatter’

1:12:00 Madrona Drive – ‘Wake Is Dark’

1:15:42 Embleton – ‘The Lion’

1:19:54 Beach Tiger – ’Take Time’

1:23:05 Fetch Tiger – ‘All I’m Really After’

1:25:41 Paul Cook & The Chronicles – ‘Do It Again’

1:28:59 Lloyd Ballard – ‘Won’t Let You Down’

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20 thoughts on “IndieRockAlternative Compilation – July 2021 1½-Hour Playlist

  1. We are so proud of this Indie/Rock/Alt compilation for July! As always, we’ve carefully selected 20+ tracks from some of the world’s best indie artists, infused with a certain summer vibe. We hope you enjoy diving into our new discoveries, don’t forget to leave a like and let us know your favourite songs in the comments! 🏞️
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  3. This music mix is fantastic and it’s difficult to decide which songs I like best. I guess my absolute favourites are “Ily!”, “Wilderness” and “Won’t let you down.” ❣️🎶

  4. Awesome playlist, im only at the second song !! this is perfect for listening while doing my hw

  5. Thanks for adding Good For Me!!! All these songs are amazing, glad to be a part of it

  6. in 100 years: ‘Over there yonder they call those mountains the Indie Rocks – if you listen closely you can hear the sounds of alexrainbird compilations echoing as the sun goes down’

    thanks for including us :))

  7. Awesome! 😀😀 Nice to listen in a cloudy and raining day 🌧️☁️

  8. Thanks so much for including our new song ‘Wake Is Dark’. We hope everyone likes it!!

  9. Thank you for the music. Its good for my work routine.
    Hello from México.

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