Instrumental Metal Music | Metal Compilation Vol. 2 Royalty-Free

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Have a blast with our 2nd Metal Compilation!

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You are free to use these tracks but the last one for your videos, just credit the artist and put their socials links on your video description.

Track list:

1-00:00 Dismal Light by Sinyells | ▼
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2-03:52 Empowered | ▼ Free Download

3-07:59 Sixth Mass Extinction by Anders | ▼ Free Download

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4-12:15 Animay by Essence of Datum | ▼ Free Download

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5-16:38 Torment by The Enchatress | ▼ Free Download

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6-21:38 Insanity Control by Anders | ▼ Free Download

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Instrumental Metal Music | Metal Mix Vol. 2 Royalty-Free

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20 thoughts on “Instrumental Metal Music | Metal Compilation Vol. 2 Royalty-Free

  1. thank you for making these compilations. i play them while editing to find stuff that just makes my ears go “yes, yes this is the one™”.

  2. Does anyone know who the second track (Empowered) is by? I don’t see it in the video. Thank you

  3. 00:00 Dismal Light by Sinyells
    03:52 Empowered

    07:59 Sexta extinción masiva por Anders
    12:15 Animay by Essence of Datum
    16:38 Torment by The Enchatress
    21:38 Control de locura por Anders
    25:32 Into World Unknown by Anders

  4. Hello there I enjoy this so my friend did to he was wondering if he can use it for one of his videos he well put your credit on it (:

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