japanese indie songs that will make you dance while you’re trying to study kind of playlist

heyy I came back with a new playlist :0!
I hope you like it :^D
( I know not all the song are indie music but well is my playlist anyway xD )
Since I uploaded the last video I was searching for more music and damn I found gold pieces and I hope youtube don’t strike or smt aaaa
sorry for the small audio bugs ;;;
gracias por ver!

20 thoughts on “japanese indie songs that will make you dance while you’re trying to study kind of playlist

  1. spotify link:
    01. (00:00) SIRUP – Do Well
    02. (3:25) Yoh Kamiyama – CUT
    03. (6:29) Tempalay – そなちね
    04. (11:50) Vaundy – 東京フラッシュ
    05. (16:06) どんぐりず- powerful passion
    06. (21:16) 向井太一 – Siren (Produced by tofubeats)
    07. (25:07) Mega Shinnosuke – O.W.A
    08. (29:13) Mega Shinnosuke – 本音
    09. (35:53) Mega Shinnosuke – 桃源郷とタクシー
    10. (40:13) Yoh Kamiyama – アイスクリーム(ICECREAM)
    11. (44:16) SHISHAMO – 君の大事にしてるもの
    12. (49:11) ウソツキ – 一生分のラブレター
    13. (53:14) おいしくるメロンパン – 色水
    14. (56:48) reGretGirl ホワイトアウト
    15. (1:00:16) 土岐麻子 – 美しい顔
    16. (1:03:48) おいしくるメロンパン – look at the sea
    17. (1:07:11)Mega Shinnosuke – Wonder
    Update: my channel isn’t monetized so YouTube or the record labels putted the ads sorry 😔😔😔

  2. today, i woke up early and danced to this playlist as i made ramen. what a great start. really like tempalay now LOL

  3. Native language: Vietnamese

    Homework: English

    2nd language: Korean

    Playlist: Japanese

    My brain: I am confusion

  4. I mean, that title is the truest that it could’ve been. I was listening to this while doing my homework, but I had to start dancing. Men, this playlist is fire.

  5. Even though I watch alot of anime and its a big part in listening to Japanese music I genuinely like Japanese indie rock and alot of Japanese fusion/jazz its just so relaxing and it makes me feel much better when studying

  6. la amo mucho, esta playlist es perfeccta, aunque no se japones, se siente una vibra increible.

  7. My classes: *In 5 mins*
    Me: *Listening to music*
    My body: *wIgLe & WoRm SqUiRm*
    My teachers: *confused*
    Mom: *Confused & worried*
    My headphones: 💃💕💕🍃🌹🕺
    *Hotel: Trivago*

  8. Here’s a playlist of some Japanese & Korean (and maybe French) songs

    Hopefully, you can include some of these songs is a mix/playlist you make 🙂

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