Johnny Kidd The Pirates – A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues – 1962 45rpm

The swashbucklers’ ninth single – only reached No.48. Their first recording with new guitarist – the legendary Mick Green

20 thoughts on “Johnny Kidd The Pirates – A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues – 1962 45rpm

  1. My band Brothers Grimm played with the Pirates we got £25 he got £25 a very nice person John Kidd he was treated badly by management!

  2. about twenty artists have covered (as I have found)… This is the best cover version. Have to say Johnny Kidd and the Pirates were ahead of their time… too good.

  3. Johnny Kidd and the Pirates were and still are the Source Code and DNA of rock music.Johnny Kidd

  4. The best singer and best group that i ever worked with and became good friends with! Definitely “The Guvnor” with the best voice;best group;best lead guitarist;best sound and best gimmick too! Such a pity that they never outlayed on their own decent PA system(and used house systems and supporting groups gear!)otherwise they would have blown the World away!R.I.P. JK

  5. Great one from our Johnny Kidd, please don’t forget Johnny Kidd Top Rock ‘n’ Roll British Singer LOve Nige God Bless RIP xx

  6. One of my fave 60s brit bands. It sucks they didnt they blow up like the beatles or the stones

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