Jools Holland and his Rhythm Blues Orchestra – “Double O Boogie” – OFFICIAL

Live At Kew Gardens, July 2009

13 thoughts on “Jools Holland and his Rhythm Blues Orchestra – “Double O Boogie” – OFFICIAL

  1. reckon your into boogiewoogie or even good piano playing….study jazz history…play any album by the old us pianists like thelonious monk,herbie hancock,oscar peterson or chick corea,current ones like bobo stenson,diana krall,,jan gabarek & robert glasper …poor old jools is ok but he.s pastiche…listen to the originators not the copiers

  2. No idea why, but I now have Elwood and Jake being chased by police stuck in my head now! 😀 thank you Jools and the entire orchestra! Brought smiles to my face!!

  3. Had tickets to see orchestra in Plymouth this month but M5 closed due to suicidal man on a bridge so never got there………have to enjoy on Youtube as second best!

  4. Jools Holland, one of the all-time greats. One of the most underrated musicians of our time! Bless you jools.

  5. Went to see Jools Holland at Sheffield Hall yesterday …. Brilliant! First saw Jools with Squeeze at the Gaumont, Doncaster Feb 1981, and thought then Jools stood out with his arrangements of the pieces of music played. Great to see him with Paula RIP on The Tube … so funny the both of them! The present band consists of 5 saxaphones, 3 trombones, 3 trumpets, drums, organ, bass cello, lead guitar, 2 backing singers, Jools on his Grand Piano. The additional acts were Ruby Turner (Wow), Eddi Reader (Fairground Attraction) and Sheffield`s own Richard Hawley. My ex. is a pianist, but could never play with the fluidity of Jools beautiful long fingered manicured hands … Liked him in 1981, and still do. Bravo!!!!

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