Josh Smith talks about the feeling of Blues Rhythm

Josh Smith shows us so many great little variations on the shuffle, one of the most important Blues rhythms to master. In this episode Josh Smith focuses on the feel of the shuffle and talks about how this can greatly affect the music.



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20 thoughts on “Josh Smith talks about the feeling of Blues Rhythm

  1. Amazing rhythm and licks, just super hard to figure out all the subtleties in the licks even after watching over and over again at slow speeds. Wish you could tab these licks out to make sure I’m practicing it correctly. Then again, I guess whatever feels and sounds right works right?

  2. Josh…You. mentioned Steve Cropper for funky, in-the-pocket rhythm playing. Steve has ALWAYS been one of my favorite guitar players! Years ago in an interview, Steve was asked why he didn’t play more lead guitar. He replied (something to the effect) that when you take out the rhythm, it’s like the bottom of the song falls out, because the rhythm is the glue that holds everything together. How true…how true…

  3. 0:56 Today’s “pop music” is “real music” only in the sense of it being real in an alternate reality. Pop music “breathes” in the same way you can live through a computer game avatar.

  4. 4:24 … Josh Smith got it from Robben Ford, and Robben Ford got it from the Mickey Baker’s Jazz book (ref: ). Perhaps sales of that book have increased since that Robben Ford interview on Youtube. When an accomplished musician tells the story of how he started, then that’s very encouraging.

  5. Great lesson. Focused on left hand “what to play”. How about a lesson Josh on right hand when laying shuffle 12/8

  6. Such tasty ways of turning a shuffle in a pure enjoyment Thanks to who ? To Mr Josh Smith of course !

  7. if you cant play rythym you cant play songs ……and if thats true then why did you pick up guitar to begin with

  8. Cool but when will we see an instructional ? These are more like demos and they are going by too fast.

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