The ‘I’m terrified’ part was last video’s winner. Here’s her solo performance.

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Full album in progress.

I’m terrified
Listen to me republicans listen
You are the people in history
they warned us about
They warned us about people like you
Pay attention, we’re losing our democracy
Wake up
Wake up!

20 thoughts on “KAREN METAL

  1. This is heavy metal, not because its really metal, but because she is probably really heavy

  2. She’s not a Karen, she’s speaking the truth… I guess ppl who listen to metal are republicans? Thank god I listen to punk and Imma stick there

  3. What’s the title of this song, WAKE UP WAKE UP? and the artist is Karen, album is called Rage against the world.

  4. “we’re losing our democracy”

    the way he played his guitar there was the greatest thing ive ever heard

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