Kid Rock – Tennessee Mountain Top [Official Video]

The New Album ‘Sweet Southern Sugar’ feat. “Tennessee Mountain Top” Available Now




Director: Mark Staubach
Executive Producer: Daniel Livschutz
Production Company: VILAS Entertainment
Director Representation: Yvette Lang @ YELL Productions
Producer: Christen Pinkston
Project Manager: Alexander Valentine
Production Manager: Wesley Perry
DP: James King
Puppeteer: Jamie Shannon
Puppet Maker: Furry Puppet
Art Director: Rob Sawyer
Color: Johnny Ching
VFX: Dan Fusselman
Editor: Mark Staubach

Kid Rock – Tennessee Mountain Top [Official Video]

20 thoughts on “Kid Rock – Tennessee Mountain Top [Official Video]

  1. Hey kid Rock how about you and me and Scott Douglas Finley and a few other people fly over the Tennessee mountain top and get some p**** man if you know what I mean

  2. I love this song kid rock you really did fucking awesome by this song I haven’t ever been to Tennessee but plan too in my future love ❤ my kid rock you are awesome dude keep on rocking out buddy one day we will cross paths

  3. Another excellent song from a big trove of ’em. Love this – for me it’s about really appreciating the good things in life. Smart Aussies like you music.

  4. Currently in college and this song makes me home-sick but is still worth it. Nothing but love for this song here.

  5. Man oh man that voice of urs memorizing me every time love ur song my idol kid rock u rock in my soul 😍😍😍

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