Lords of Iron Celtic metal

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‘Northern Steel’ is a massive folk metal album with nine epic tracks and over 110 minutes of content. The metal songs have Nordic, Celtic, Slavic and epic symphonic elements in the vein of bands like Ensiferum, Wintersun, Moonsorrow, Equilibrium, Eluveitie, Arkona and Turisas. For business inquiries, licenses, custom soundtracks and commissions, please visit my web page at anttimartikainen.com and read the FAQ, License and Commission sections before sending me requests.

All music composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Antti Martikainen (anttimartikainen.com, www.facebook.com/anttimartikainenmusic, youtube.com/user/AJMartikainen,

20 thoughts on “Lords of Iron Celtic metal

  1. This is awesome. And great music for working on matters peer…painting figures…and gaming. Thanks from Baron Garth

  2. This is something I’d imagine “Mad Jack” Churchill charing into battle with.

  3. It seems to me as though anyone with the name “Antti” is a freaking metal musician beast! This is gold!

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