Lovely Evening on a Coffee Shop Music Ambience | Relaxing Jazz Music in the Background

Enjoy this lovely evening on a coffee shop music ambience with relaxing jazz music in the background. Welcome to my channel and drink a hot coffee, watch rain falling and listen to the relaxing playlist of jazz music. This cafe ASMR ambience is perfect for improve your sleep, focus or concentration. This video is 8 hours long to allow for uninterrupted studying, working or fall asleep all night.

♫ We believe that good music needs to be heard! ♫


This Coffee Shop is for you. Do you need to relax, study, work or sleep, come visit our cafe, enjoy the relaxing jazz music. You are always welcome and stay as long as you want.

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Our channel you can find jazz music or bossa nova music for almost any occasion. Be it relaxing background jazz music for coffee shop, bossa nova for happy morning, or something smooth for your study sessions.
All our ambiences its original and full of after effects and animations.

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19 thoughts on “Lovely Evening on a Coffee Shop Music Ambience | Relaxing Jazz Music in the Background

  1. I had to shut this off.
    It’s way too elegant and tasteful for my neighborhood.
    Doesn’t fit in with the semi apocalyptic exterior design the place adopted.

  2. Always love your work, including this one, but maybe it’s my monitor but the ambient lighting (outside) seemed just a shade too bright for an “evening” ambiance

  3. The aboriginal crawdad simultaneously fit because red elderly spot as a jolly oil. chilly, sneaky blade

  4. Really great looking, stylish coffee shop. I love the big white candles on the tables and cool hanging lamps. I wish that I could spend a couple of hours there drinking cappuccino, reading my book and people watching. Bliss.😊❤

  5. This coffeehouse looks like it’s ready for a coffee wedding reception. I’d definitely love to have one of those!

  6. 싱그러운 나뭇잎이 바람에 나붓끼는 모습이 참 좋아보이네요 연두연두

  7. Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. God bless to everyone who is reading this

  8. I would have loved it but every 4-5 minutes it was interrupted by 2 ads….hard to relax in that short time between ads.

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