M – Pop Muzik Official Video

Pop Muzik was one of the first new wave singles to top the charts. The singles popularity was bolstered by this catchy video that featured Scott as a DJ singing from behind turntables, and flanked by two female models providing the additional vocals… Or do they? One of the sight gags in the video depicted Brigit Novik dressed in blue who actually recorded the backup vocals which were mimed by the models. The song went on to have global success and had “everybody talkin’ ’bout Pop Muzik”. The original clip from1979. Boogie in a suitcase. Pop, pop, pop muzik.

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20 thoughts on “M – Pop Muzik Official Video

  1. I’ve ALWAYS loved this song😜 It satisfies my craving for STRANGE and FUN rolled into ONE!🤩 Hey.. I’m a Gen X, what can I SAY 🤣

  2. Una Musicasa!! De los 80 Tengo 54 años y mi esposo 60 años y hasta ahora seguirémos bailando hasta más viejiitos😂 🎼🎤🎸🕺💃

  3. Um, I don’t recall this song. And I’m glad I never heard it before as it stinks

  4. This guy was way ahead of his time. I was in 9th grade when this came out. He was so far ahead of the new wave curve it’s not even funny. Lyrical Genuis this guy!

  5. 🤷‍♀️↕️🧏‍♂️
    ][ Wery, sarkąstik )(
    🌪🤨🌪 LAIK!!??!!
    ❣💟♦️ GARBAČIOV ♦️💟❣
    ❤💞↕️POK ^ PREZIDĖNT!!!
    ❤💀💞 GARBAČIOV 💞💀❤


  7. Yep and crap with it too yes we all had our crappie muzik over the decades sad to say that kept us well and truly annoyed 😑😒🙄

  8. Да классика поп мюзик. С юности слушаю не надоедает.

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