Mary Chapin Carpenter – Songs From Home Episode 15: Rhythm Of The Blues

Welcome back everyone, here we are with our 15th (!) episode of #songsfromhome…

I want to dig deep down into the song satchel for today’s tune, it’s from way back in the last century, called “Rhythm Of The Blues”, a good song to play on a rainy day. I happen to love rainy days, so that makes me a pluviophile…it’s also a shout out to my old friend and musical pal Duke Levine, who always asks if it’s on the set list when we get a chance to play live together…hey Duke!

For those of you concerned that both Angus and White Kitty are missing in this episode, fear not, they are just practicing their napping skills, but I’m sure they’ll be back with us soon.

Until the next time, stay well and #staymighty…you all are the best company!

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20 thoughts on “Mary Chapin Carpenter – Songs From Home Episode 15: Rhythm Of The Blues

  1. Thank you Mary…I have followed every one of these on Facebook and loved sharing your peace and gentleness – and beautiful music.
    I have added 7 of your cds to my collection over lock down.
    I guess I’m a fan!

  2. Passionate Kisses/Why Shouldn’t We animals are like God of the heartland!Tremendous texture to song structure!

  3. This one of my favorites. It stays with you. You can’t get it out of your head and don’t want to

  4. You have inspired me to pick up my guitar again. The first song I learned of yours was “Quittin’ Time” Finding this is such a blessing! You’re amazing!

  5. I am conflicted! My copy of The Dirt and The Stars just arrived. Do I stop listening to Songs from Home and listen to the new CD, or do I finish listening through Songs from Home and save The Dirt and The Stars for this evening? Such decisions! I am frozen with indecision. Well, not really. I’ll finish all the Songs from Home and then spend time with The Dirt and The Stars tonight when it gets dark and there are fewer distractions. Mary Chapin does make the quarantine far more enjoyable, doesn’t she?

  6. Rhythm of the Blues. 1992, the Album Come On, Come On. THIS was the record that put MCC firmly on the charts, and got the attention of peoples. Every song on this record is top shelf prime. And I played them all on the radio.

    Great times 28 years ago.

  7. One of the best singer -songwriters and a very good musician. How can anyone ask if they are props? If you are not already in it, I hope you make the CMHOFame. Love this song and your voice.

  8. This has always been one of my top 3 MCC songs. Thank you for doing this. I don’t suppose you’d ever want to have instructional videos to play specific songs of yours?

  9. Wow! That was just so sweet and beautiful. I feel better just from listening to this. Thank you Thank you . I have always loved your music <3

  10. I love that chopping rhythm of your right hand! I’m going to put this one on the looper. I can do parts of it. You’re in a standard tuning; I have a chance to figure it out. Thanks Mary!!

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