Medieval Music – Draig Llofrudd Metal Version

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Song: Draig Llofrudd
Album: Aura
Year: 2012
Copyright © BrunuhVille

Draig Llofrudd stands for Dragon Slayer or Dragon Killer.
I’ve posted a little demo/preview for this song and due the mostly positive feedback on it I decided to complete and upload it.
This is probably the first song I made that was meant to be metal since the beggining. After the great feedback I had from DragonLand, many people asked me to do more metal based stuff .
Please note: It’s really difficult to work with virtual guitars and drums and play them with you hands on keyboard realtime so this will not sound so professional as your favourite metal bands , tho I always do my best 🙂
I can’t promise there will be a non-metal version for this one, but I will try .

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Amazing art by UltimaFatalis


20 thoughts on “Medieval Music – Draig Llofrudd Metal Version

  1. Very nice song. It worked in helping keep my flow with writing my book tonight. I especially enjoyed the rapid swirch in pace at the 4 min mark.
    The entire song has this nice mideival tone to it.

  2. I love dragons. The fury of the fiery and enigmatic creatures of ancient lore . I am a little Celtic and I learned that the Celts revere the dragon, in every way. They are stunning creatures, albeit people still believe they were only an enigmatic mythical creature. But who cares , I love them. The beautiful, vibrant colors and the warmth of their fiery breath.

  3. This song is played when I’m at a party and someone says chug a beer. Cyclones with autumn leaves circle the room as everyone’s jaws drop like the almighty welsh dragon from my thirsty blade.

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