Metal music is die here

Dear Friends & Fans in all around #theworld as you know, we currently are #refugee in #Turkey and we are not able to go anywhere else for playing in concerts and doing performances.
We have been out of Iran since many years for seeking a bright and a better future.
And because we are refugees, we can no longer represent our arts or our musics.
So now you are all our Voice and ONLY you can help us out to achieve to this goals .
Do us a favor and please share our message for the people in all around the world …

Maybe somebody can help us…

Let the governors or officials hear our voice that they may accept us to a free country !
We just want to keep our musics and arts on in a free country where is also free of the all discriminations.

Love and peace

Anahid & Meraj M.O.P
Every week we will perform at street in Istanbul.
Show must go on…

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20 thoughts on “Metal music is die here

  1. Lmao you wont get any job as a metal musician amywhere basically its not just turkey. Most people rely on youtube and sell music online.. My band we have international record labels

    But anyways if you wanna feature on some of my music or beed help finding a label let me know

  2. Que increíble voz! Me encanta ese guttural mmm parece como un tema de Sepultura aún con el gran Max Cavalera en la guitarra y voces!
    Eres lo máximo amiga sigue así!

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