Metal Music Makes You Calmer? – The Science of Metal

Metal Music Makes You Calmer – The Science of Metal. Looking at studies

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Some great books that helped me research this
A Heavy Metal Civilization – The History of Finnish Heavy Metal:
This is Your Brain on Music: Understanding a Human Obsession:

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Metal and personality type:

00:00 – Intro
1:37 – Interviews with Tatiana Shmaylyuk (Jinjer), Melissa Cross (Vocal Coach), Julien Truchan (Benighted) and Nicolás Hormazábal (Vocal Coach)
3:08 – A study on metal and admissions to Psychiatric Hospital
4:31 – Are there links between metal and aggression?
6:26 – Are there links between metal and depression?
7:29 – The Metal Community
8.88 – What if you don’t like metal?
9:40 – How music can help in the future

20 thoughts on “Metal Music Makes You Calmer? – The Science of Metal

  1. Thank you all for your amazing comments and stories. It is really amazing to see how music effects people in diverse ways. My plan is to work through as many comments as I can and reply. At this point the video has been up for 48hours and I have 1014 comments, so do bear with me. I really appreciate you all taking the time to share stories and for anyone who is interested in the topic, I do suggest you have a look through. Thanks once again. Beth x

  2. Angry music for happy people
    – August Burns Red

    I think most metalheads are very friendly and careful in general. And also the „aggressive“ music helps (me) to reduce stress, anger or other negative feelings, so that it helps (me) to be more „happy“.

  3. So I’m 49 and love metal. Geraldo Rivera did a special either late 80’s or 1990. Trying to show metal equalled satanism. By the end of the show they were listing behaviors and stuff. My friends and I were watching with my friends mother, we immediately jumped up to the TV saying we were most of these things and we were not bad people. We new it wasn’t true back then and it isn’t now.

  4. Before you jump to conclusions, lets also not forget that healthcare is a commercial business… ‘Sick’ people = money in the bank.

  5. A little bit late but: I´m not looking like, but am, a metal head. I love to see the community beeing well behaved and mannered. Even in Moshpits there are rules that the absolut majority respects, like immediately picking up anyone who fell down. I never met a metal head that was aggressiv for no reason. I know that some don´t like or tolerate other music, but all dudes i know are very tolerant if it comes to different types of music. I listen to stuff i like, no matter the genre.
    I german youtube channel that is all about metal asked his subcribers what they do for a living. A suprisingly high number said they are working in care (elderly or hospital).
    Not long ago i read an article in a newspaper where a (female) journalist wrote about her experience on differnt types of festivals. She said, that she felt very safe on metal festivals and that the audience/visitors are nice, calm and friendly to everyone. On one of the metal festivals she lost her group and started searching. Some metal heads noticed her and asked if they could help. They offered her to help to look and, after permission, went with her. While looking out they gave her a little lesson about the history of that festival. She never felt threatend or something and said that it was a nice encounter. I´m certain that they would have done the same for every lost looking soul there.

  6. So yeah we seek music to relate our life and if we can it makes us calm.
    Thus metal music dont make people depressed, rather depressed people seek metal to relate themselves.
    Personally i get irritated when i hear pop and rap so what can u say.

  7. At the risk of sounding like an “edgelord” I’ve always found poppy dance music to be empty, vapid “fake it till you make it” music. Music people listen to in order to “make themselves happy”. What’s going on with these people psychologically that they’re relying on music to make them happy? Again, it feels very “fake it till you make it”. Artificial happiness. A front.

    A lot of the hate metal gets is from triggered conservatives and, ironically, fans of rap music who think its “scary” and that “white boy gonna shoot up the school” for listening to it.

  8. *every* metalhead ive known in the past 30 years has also loved chopin and bach and others. All of them. …I took it as an obvious given 🤨 I was perplexed when she suggested the opposite.

  9. Hi Beth, I’m not Christian but I do believe in Metal. Two bands that believe in both and were popular in their time (late 90s) are Live and Fear Factory. Live’s album Throwing Copper made millions and the singer is a great vocalist. Fear Factory was one of the first bands to be dubbed “Industrial.” The vocalist distorted his vocals electronically but tried to replicate (fans of the band get the pun) this with his physical voice playing in front of crowds and blew out his vocal cords. I’d love to know what you think.

  10. Metal saved my life. it got me through the worst periods in my life. Never met a Metalhead who wouldn’t say the same.

  11. as both a fan of horror and metal i think it can be good for mental health in similar ways. so for example as someone who struggles with anxiety watching a good horror movie helps me redirect the anxiety i feel, is one of the rare things i can actually focus on other than the source of my anxiety and experience stress in a controlled sort of way. it’s cathartic to see all you can in a horror movie or show while in the safety of your own room. with metal if i feel stressed and restless there is always some metal track that can match my nervous energy and help me through that, a lot of heavy metal and power metal in particular motivate me (i literally even listen to metal while cleaning, because it just makes me want to Do things. suddenly even vacuuming is just a great way to spend my time with headphones on. every boring everyday task stops being so tedious and that’s even more important for me as someone with adhd) and while for me personally most indie music just makes me feel bored i can listen to symphonic metal if i feel sad or depressed and suddenly those sad feelings can be even turned into inspiration to create art. also.. metal concerts are the most incredible experiences. my iron maiden concert was one of the best days in my life honestly even tho i couldn’t talk for the next week 🤡

  12. i’m really curious to know how metal is perceived depending on country and culture. i’m from poland and while most people i know don’t listen to a lot of metal i know a lot of people, including many of my relatives, who really like some heavy metal for example

  13. Funny how you put metal/rock and classical as opposites, when they actually go very much hand in hand. Metal and classical have much more in common than pop and classical. In my own experience metalheads enjoy classical more than pop listeners, I’ve seen more dislike to classical music from pop listeners. But that might be just my experience🤔

  14. I like how they claim metal music is chaotic, when it’s musically very structured.

  15. I enjoy Rock/ heavy metal, and I agree some metal is angry but I don’t think it makes us angry. Although if you listen to something for such a long time you could gravitate toward that. Really everything in moderation is good, switch it up alittle. But when I listen to metal it sometimes calms me or if I work out it empowers me.

  16. I grew up in a very Christians household where certain music was basically banned, it wouldn’t be until middle school where I made new friends with the “weird kids” that I started to listen to Metal. It was an experience, huddling around a CD player listening to songs at full volume on the school stairs at break, the friends I made from those days have stayed with me, even if we are miles apart we usually say hi to each other, metal basically opened a whole new world for a shy fat kid with very few friends.

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