20 thoughts on “Metal Music Room Tour

  1. Nice I’m in the middle of making my room METAL!! I’m only 12 and I don’t have that much money I have a few posters but what I do I print out pictures of my favorite bands and stick them on the wall I have all of Metallica albums in CD and I have korn and meat loaf and guns n roses I have put one Metallica t shirt on the wall and I have a little Metallica bag that I put on my wall and also I have sooo many metal t shirts and I keep the tags that have the logo on and I put them on the wall.

  2. Next year Slipknot is coming to Singapore I can’t wait to sneak in to the concert to listen to them I will be moshing with ghosts

  3. Holy shit Commit Suicide was on your label? That’s insane fucking live that band. How it hurts to smile is one of my favorite DSBM records!

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