Metal Music Videos In A Nutshell

I sure do love me some Metal music but damn, I swear it’s pretty much the worst genre when it comes to effort with making music videos hahaha. I tried to think of as many tropes as I could and stick them all into one lil’ “music video” 😆

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20 thoughts on “Metal Music Videos In A Nutshell

  1. So accurate, I would’ve added the multiple parts where the drums are completely off and out of sync with the actual part that’s playing

  2. Jokes on you, for this band the girl in the forest is not random at all, and she’s not the vocalist’s girlfriend, she IS the vocalist! 😉

  3. I gotta say, the riffs in this video are so amazing they should be featured somewhere or something, especially the beginning… And longer/extended

  4. It’s either this or some alien-looking things doing all kinds of crazy body horror sh*t that doesn’t have much to do with the actual song.

  5. Brad you are simply bonkers in the nut mate. I love your vids where you mock the ridiculousness of metal…. Saw your interview on guitar world…. Your Success is so deserved…..

  6. Actually that was more like “Cradle of Filth Music Videos In A Nutshell”))

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