Miss Monique – MiMo Weekly Podcast 037 4K [Melodic Techno Progressive House DJ Mix]

Hey, Progressive Lovers
After the attack by Russian forces to my country and lovely city Kyiv, I had to temporarily leave my house and studio, so we recorded MiMo Weekly Podcast 037 also in another place. Cheers, your Miss Monique

In this episode you will hear new releases from Artbat, CamelPhat, Monolink, Nora En Pure, Cristoph and many more.
Also we will share new tracks from our Siona Records

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20 thoughts on “Miss Monique – MiMo Weekly Podcast 037 4K [Melodic Techno Progressive House DJ Mix]

  1. Thank you Progressive lovers for watching this video, for your comments likes and reposts 💚
    Let me know, which track of this mix did you like the most? 😀

  2. This mix is fire! Every single track is on point. I had a road trip yesterday and had this on repeat for 8 hours! Back for more now! BRAVO MIMO!

  3. Mmm Miss Monique are you ready for a relationship 🥰😁👍 well i am the 39 year old house/techno friend without kids, wife etc asked still Haribo because its makes kinder froh. Come once we pop we cannot stop 👍 serious just want to ja ja. Learn you better or whatever. Ja Anita didnt want me that faullak 🙈 well at least i dont lie zo van ongeloofelijk haribo. And i told my true feelings to mr zelenski. Well i am not always right but ok do you want to see me in another direction 🙈 ok think about it poee 🙉 i Schpien with you all life long 👍 uhm Monique i live in Vaals The Netherlands near Aachen Germany. Just ask they know me. I love italian food just to let you know. Ow and i am written off so i got plenty of spare time. I actually dont dare to say but i think you got the most beautifull titt… but ok forget about that. Well at least my thing is functioning 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙈🙈🙈🙈 one day i believe you the other day you betray me one day you believveee mmee one day you betray meee how many songs do you want me to hear? How many songs should i believe? How many times do you want to see me upside down? How many years should i wait in this life? If i am the evil why you are keep hunting me?

  4. You go to such nice places. I’ve never been on vaction 🙁
    Great set and have fun!

  5. Спасибо за релиз! Послушаем с удовольствием 🙂
    Красивое место, 🙄 мечтаю увидеть подкаст с побережья океана с большими волнами 🌊

  6. Miss..Monique..always..excellent..program..set..in..Progressive…melodic…house and..melodic ..techno..🎹🎶🎼

  7. Please keep put your promo of your talent on youtube. You well known global artist by me. Peace and love!

  8. A beautiful woman making beautiful music, it is such a joy watching you work/play. Your music is spectacular and your smile is infectious. Thank you!

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