Mixing Rhythm and Licks in a 12 bar blues with TAB

Build single guitar part that plays lead licks in a call and response to the vocalist. I this lesson, I take the song ‘Before You Accuse Me’ and show in detail how I would build a single guitar part that plays rhythm guitar over the vocal lines, and lead licks in the spaces. Although the lesson is inspired by Eric Clapton’s Before You Accuse Me, the licks are all my own.

Lesson format:
1. Intro and explanation
2. Example of 3 verses
3. Teaching all the licks
4. Tips tricks and excursuses to practice

The lesson teaches specific licks to get you started, but once you get this technique down, you should be able to improvise your own licks and keep that rhythm driving.

If you would like a copy of the tab, then just email me at marcellison75@gmail.com and I’ll reply with the tab attached. In the email, please tell the email that you want the tab for “Mixing Rhythm and Lick in blues.

Videos Referenced:
1. Blues chord progressons

2. Blues Rhythm Guitar:

3. Clapton: Before you accuse me:

4. The Backing track I used for the example:

5. My Turnarounds lesson:

5. Exercise for practicing moving between rhythm and lead:

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20 thoughts on “Mixing Rhythm and Licks in a 12 bar blues with TAB

  1. This is a great example and practice for rhythm and licks. Any chance you can clarify the rhythm strumming/pickings?

  2. Hi Marc, great lesson as usual. I’m a Clapton fan. Some work for the week, now i’m retired since March.
    One day why not Sweet home Chicago? Eric version…thanks for all Marc.🎸🎶from Bordeaux 🍷

  3. Hey, Marc! Excellent! Thank you so much for sharing your time and tallent. I’ve had several “ah ha!” moments while learning from you. God bless. ✌❤🎸

  4. Love the color of that strat!!! Your taste in guitar colors is very similar to mine. I like my guitars to look like a piece of art work rather than a boring “classic” color! I’d really like to hear a demo of your blackstar amp with your green LP and your strat. I’ve really been looking at the ht venue 40 mk2 but I’m afraid it’s going to be too loud for my needs even with the power soak feature.

  5. Good lesson Marc…thank you! I’m just figuring out how to do this, and with your help it’s going ok, but at a much slower tempo for now. Cheers!

  6. Do you have a bug in my house? Only this week I realised what my next learning step needs to be. Combining the riffs and the rhythm is where I really need to focus (I think) so this video is perfect. Thank you. Great lesson. Really useful style of presentation too. If this were an old fashioned cassette tape I suspect I’d wear it out. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much…I finally want to leap into some leads and this is a great starting point. You have a great teaching method.. really appreciate it!

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