Most Iconic Classical Music Masterpieces Everyone Knows in One Single Video

More than 3,5 hours of the most famous and recognizable classical music recordings.The best of classical music for studying, reading, relaxing and (most of all) enjoying!
0:00 P.I. Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake, Act II: No.10 Scene (Moderato)
02:42 Edvard Grieg – Morning Mood
06:22 Ludwig van Beethoven – Für Elise (Bagatelle No.25 in A minor)
08:51 Frederic Chopin – Nocturne in C-sharp minor
12:56 Georges Bizet – Habanera (“L’amour est un oiseau rebelle”)
14:58 W.A. Mozart – Rondo alla Turca (“Turkish March”)
18:33 Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (The Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor “Quasi una fantasia”, Op. 27, No. 2)
23:47 Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons “Summer” (III: Presto)
26:24 P.I. Tchaikovsky – Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
28:10 Federic Chopin – Prelude Op.28, no.4
30:44 Gioachino Rossini – Overture to “The Barber of Seville”
36:29 Jahannes Brahms – Hungarian Dance no.5 in F-sharp minor (fragment)
37:06 W.A Mozart – Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major)
42:54 J.S.Bach – Air on the G string (from Orchestral Suite No.3, BWV 1068)
45:47 W.A. Mozart – Symphony No.40 in G minor (1. Molto allegro)
51:44 Erik Satie – Gymnopedie no.1
54:56 Johann Strauss II – “Frühlingsstimmen”, Op. 410 (“Voices of Spring”)
1:01:31 Frederic Chopin – Nocturne in B-flat minor, Op. 9, no.1
1:07:07 P.I. Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker: Act I, No.4 Russian Dance
1:08:08 J.S.Bach – Orchestral Suite no.2 in B minor (7.Badinerie)
1:09:07 Gioachino Rossini – William Tell Overture
1:14:55 Antonin Dvorak – Symphony no. 9 in E minor (“From the New world”: IV. Allegro con fuoco)
1:26:39 P.I. Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker: Act I, No. 8 Waltz of the Flowers
1:31:47 Richard Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries
1:37:08 Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata No. 8 in C Minor Pathetique, Op. 13 (II. Adagio cantabile)
1:42:08 Johann Strauss II – “An der schönen blauen Donau” (The Blue Danube),Op.314
1:49:19 Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.1
1:52:42 Edvard Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King
1:54:58 Frederic Chopin – Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2
1:59:30 Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons “Autumn” (1. Allegro)
2:04:30 Franz Liszt – Liebestraume no. 3 in A flat major
2:09:00 W.A. Mozart – Piano Concerto no.21 in C major (II. Movement)
2:13:19 Ludwig van Beethoven – The Symphony No.5 in C minor (fragment)
2:20:10 Claude Debussy – Clair de lune (from “Suite bergamasque”)
2:25:12 N.Rimsky-Korsakov – Flight of the Bumblebee (from “The Tale of Tsar Saltan)
2:26:28 P.I. Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker: Act I, No. 2 (March)
2:28:25 Edvard Grieg – Notturno, Op.54, No.4
2:32:45 Felix Mendelssohn – Wedding March (from “A Midsumer Night’s Dream”)
2:37:46 Georges Bizet – Prelude to Act 1 for “Carmen”
2:40:02 Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons “Spring” (1.Allegro)
2:43:36 Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.3
2:46:17 Johann Strauss II – Künstlerleben (“Artist’s Life”), op.316
2:49:08 Frederic Chopin – “Revolutionary Etude” (Etude Op.10, No.12)
2:51:51 Luigi Boccherini – Minuet from String Quintet in E, Op. 11, No.5 (G 275)
2:54:00 Ludwig van Beethoven – Ode to Joy (from Symphony no. 9 in D minor)
2:57:53 Richard Strauss – Also sprach Zarathustra
2:59:14 Frederic Chopin – Waltz in D-flat major, Op 64, No 1 (“Minute Waltz”)
3:01:00 Tomaso Albinoni – Adagio in G minor (attributed to Tomaso Albinoni, but actually proabably composed by Remo Giazotto).
3:04:29 Modest Mussorgsky – Night on Bald Mountain
3:11:49 Johann Strauss II – “Wiener Blut”, Op. 354
3:13:24 J.S.Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565
3:16:29 Jacques Offenbach – Overture to “Orpheus in the Underworld” (can-can section)
3:18:14 Leo Delibes – Pizzicato (from “Sylvia”)
3:20:09 Frederic Chopin – Funeral March (Piano Sonata No.2 in B flat minor Op 35: III. Marche Funebre)
3:29:33 W.A. Mozart – Requiem in D minor
3:33:01 J.S.Bach – Prelude in C major

Every composition from this video exists as a public domain or creative common content.

The fragment of Debussy’s “Suite bergamasque” performed by Laurens Goedhart.
Liszt’s “Liebesträume” performed by Martha Goldstein.
Grieg’s Notturno performed by Mark Gasser.
Piano versions of Mozart’s “Requiem in D minor” and Piano “Concerto no.21 in C major” performed by Markus Staab.
Satie’s “Gnossiennes” performed by La Pianista.
Richard Wagner’s “Also Sprach Zarathustra” performed by Kevin MacLeod.
The fragments of Vivaldi’s “Spring”, “Summer” and “Autumn” performed by John Harrison.

More public domain and creative commons music you can find on Musopen website.

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  2. Ludwig van Beethoven – Für Elise (Bagatelle No.25 in A minor) best one by far

  3. I not sure if I should be ashamed or proud, but most of these I remember from Bugs Bunny and Loony Tunes cartoons…

  4. Imagine at minimum, 10,000 hours from each musician and that of the conductor to reach this level of proficiency. Brought to us on UTUBE for the cost of a moment of our time. How priceless is this moment? “Chopin”

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  6. You might want to correct the playlist. It’s R. Straus’ Also Sparch Zarathustra, not Wagner. See Kevin McCleod note.

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