New York Jazz Music 10 Hours – Relax Jazz Bar Classics

The Best Playlist of Relaxing New York Jazz Bar Classics Music for Full 10 Hours! Music by Richard Freeman

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20 thoughts on “New York Jazz Music 10 Hours – Relax Jazz Bar Classics

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  10. Sometime I turn to two 24 hour jazz stations on the tv switching back and forth to dance off of them, or just sit and listen to relax my mind. Now I have this selection to help me fall asleep with some
    “Sleepytime” tea.
    Good nite world. 🌎

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  18. Imagine if listening this music during flight and you see skyscrapers at night of Dubai or New York and out of nowhere a beautiful airhostess comes and serves you glass of wine 🥰

  19. I love dancing. I picture my husband and I dressed for a gala night out, a live jazz band playing and us dancing the night away in a beautiful ballroom. Then we walk home hand in hand and once home, we continue with this beautiful music playing in the background in front of the fireplace.

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