No Country Music For Old Men – Bellamy Brothers Ft. John Anderson

No Country Music For Old Men
@BellamyBrothers Ft. @John Anderson
Directed By Derrek Kupish

20 thoughts on “No Country Music For Old Men – Bellamy Brothers Ft. John Anderson

  1. I grew up listening to bellamy brothers Pasco county cowboys and grew up in the same town Apopka FL with the Anderson family. That’s country music 🎶

  2. Chris Stapleton and a dozen other singer songwriters mite disagree. Demand that your radio station play something worth hearing.

  3. at 53 and a country musician it’s getting harder and harder to find real country songs to add to our sets . I refuse to play Bro country or Lifted Silverado country as a friend calls it .. I lived and in the prime of country music and have made a lot of money at it, but Now guys my age aren’t bothering to even try anymore, the genre isn’t Cool anymore. The days of Urban Cowboy . Gillies bar , Garths friends in low places and American Honly tonk bar association . Waylon ,Willie ,Kristofferson and Cash are long past gone, But some young artists are still trying to play proper country , Bands Like Midland and Blackberry smoke have peaked my interest..Maybe just maybe we can stop this new Nashville cookie cutter sound again with an new outlaw movement because I fear our roots will be pulled from the ground and left to rot .

  4. So good…it takes legends to get it right these days and they’re dying off quick…and now Cody Jinks, Midland, and a few others are our only hope for the future it seems…

  5. Grüsse und DANKE aus Deutscland !! Verry good , so super schön anzuhören !!👍👍🍀♥️🍀

  6. Our band played the country music festival here in Northern Ontario Canada…I got off stage and who was standing there…Mr. john Anderson, the quintessential country gentlemAn…and don’t get me started on the Bellamy’s….bought every album you guys ever put out…you guys were our idols…we had a five piece band, each guy played three and four instruments and we did four part harmonies…it was great while it lasted…we played everything from Swinging Mr. John, and everything from Skynard to Merle…everything in between…band had double neck steel player who double d on five string banjo, guitar player doubled on HARP AND mandolin…lead guitar…well I’M JUST DIGGING UP OLD MEMORIES THAT BEST BELONG IN THE PAST…VIYA CON-DIDOS GENTLEMEN, TAKE A BOW AND THANKS FOR BEING THE REAL DEAL…YOU MADE A GREAT DENT ON THIS CANADIANS FUTURE

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