No more crying – Rhythm Blues

Compositor: Christian Padovan, Stephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna
Editor: Kapagama
Catalogue: Kosinus
Description: Medium – Light hearted & romantic rhythm & blues song feat. male vocal.
Found it in:
Universal Production Music.


Oh girl, I think you’re really for me
I know you’re truly my life
I just wanna share the night with you
Don’ t be afraid to open up your heart

Give me a reason
For living without you
Baby, baby ,you’re breaking my heart
I don’t wanna go on this way.

Last time I had a talk with you
I couldn’t make it more clear
I really don’t know what I ‘ve gotta do
You’re gonna drive me crazy.

Waiting by my door
Thinking of you
Oh baby, baby,I’m telling you
No more crying (No more crying)

Tell me baby, what’s the matter with you
Hear me darling I tell you the truth
Oh baby, baby ,you’re breaking my heart

Girl, watching the years go by
God bless the day that I’ve met you
Tonight I just want to stay with you
I’m gonna kiss you and lay you down

So much love between us
So much love to share
Oh baby, baby, baby please, no more crying
(No more crying)
Oh baby, baby, baby please…
No more crying.

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