19 thoughts on “Oldies but Goodies 70’s 80’s NONSTOP 2

  1. Thank you for the nice comments and likes!
    take care always wherever you are,
    & GOD bless us all..

  2. Also love this album listen to it every Sunday with my mum and dad RIP pace dad miss lots xxx

  3. Do anyone have Never kiss me Sunday remix songs. Actually I heard that song in non stop remix songs of disco and dance song but couldn’t remember it..

  4. Paganitong mga tugtug c papa naalala q kc paborito nya to bata paq kada linggo tlga ganito mga tugtug nya…di q lng alam mga tittle nito gusto q sna xa ibili ng portable vcd at etong mga tugtug ilagay💖😔

  5. way back during teenage years.. i cried a river everytime i had a heartbreak… but now looking back at those times i just smile and says.. my heartbreaks makes my heart stronger… now i finally found a man who loves me even with my flaws and gave me handsome and beautiful kids…

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