Oldies music playing in another room and it’s raining no thunders , fireplace 1 HOUR ASMR v.21

Oldies music playing in another room and it’s raining (no thunders , fireplace) 1 HOUR ASMR v.21 – Best if you listen with your 🎧


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You are listening to a new and very nice effect of old fashioned music, oldies as we like calling them, (music from 20’s, 30’s, 40’s) and it is sounding like it is coming from another room with relaxing rain and thunder sounds.I hope you guys enjoy the another room effect to oldies songs – this unique combination between oldies music with relaxing rain sounds but this time no thunder sound effects w/ fire crackling, fireplace but it’s from another room. Enjoy this 1 HOUR ASMR bliss!

Audio Mixing/Engineering and Visual Editing by: Nemo’s Dreamscapes
Animation ZZZ, oldie effects, made loop and editing by: Nemo’s Dreamscapes

Video loop animation from: Alice in Wonderland 1951
Character: Alice & Dinah

#oldies #anotherroom #nemosdreamscapes

This works best for – sleeping – studying – vibing – chilling – relaxation – backgrounds – visualisation! oldies playing in another room but it’s raining! no thunders

– All audio and visuals used are free from Copyright or used under the law of Fair use or they are part of the public domain – (Please keep in mind that what was used is like this, separately) All of this combined into something unique and new, is my work. Please don’t confuse this!
– Re-uploading my work on another channel is strictly forbidden, you have no permission to use my videos as they are now or audio mixes anywhere else since this is my work. Thank you!

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  2. I heard the first tone and KNEW this was going to be an absolute life saverπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  3. For someone like me who has, anxiety, depression, anger issues and eats when I’m sad, depressed or mad. This really makes me feel relaxed and I don’t feel the urge to get up at 2am and eat because I think I’m hungry or bored…

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  5. It’s 34 degrees celcius in my country and somehow i felt cold and that i needed a blanket

  6. I just dream and wish of being in peace. In peace with my life, my future, this world. and I wish that all this anxiety and stress would leave my body. I feel like I can’t take it anymore and this channel just calms me down, but I wish I could escape my life sometimes when I’m deep into listening to these. I like to imagine I’m not where I’m at

  7. dont turn the volume all the way up with headphone or like earbuds or whatever it gets really loud

  8. Listened while laying on the grass witha mad hatter inspired hat, 1950s like outfit, and reading unbirthday. I had a blast!!! I felt like a teenager alice from the 50s!!!

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