ONE OK ROCK – The Beginning [Official Music Video]

7th Single – The Beginning
Released: Aug 22, 2012

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20 thoughts on “ONE OK ROCK – The Beginning [Official Music Video]

  1. Damn, that transition from english to japanese lyrics was hella smooth. This is my first OOR song and this never fails to amaze me every time.

  2. るろうに剣心の映画見たのに当時は歌に興味がなかった。数年後にこの曲が主題歌だったことに衝撃。出会えてよかった。

  3. 聴きすぎて飽きてたけど、何年かぶりに聴きにきた…くそかっけぇ!!笑

  4. I’m here because zeke sang this song to he’s parents grave with his wife Amie.. “MHIABM”

  5. Fun fact:
    One Ok Rock has many international fans,
    and one of them is you who read this comment!

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