OPM alternative indie playlist for sleepless nights

Another playlist wieee just think that this is a part 2 of the OPM indie acoustic songs for a midnight daydream. I hope that you will like all the songs here and discover more underrated OPM bands bc they really need appreciation from u guys.

Please support these underrated OPM artists, don’t forget to stream their songs on Spotify and Youtube. Share this to your friends or on social media, they’re the ones who need our support and they deserve all the recognition. Mabuhay OPM!

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20 thoughts on “OPM alternative indie playlist for sleepless nights

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    Spotify Playlist:
    00:00 One Night Stand – FourPlay MNL
    04:55 Pwede Ba – Lola Amour
    10:28 Sangang Daan – Cosimic Misfits
    16:28 Lito – Safemusicph
    20:30 Bitin – Mt. Lewis
    25:46 Bulalakaw – Sunday Radio
    30:09 Matutulog – Urie’s Attack, Ashley Gosiengfiao
    35:10 Sa Ulap – Modern Day Dream
    39:43 Tibok – Three Legged Men
    44:34 Sige Lang – Better Days
    49:20 Kiliti – the vowels they orbit
    54:28 Paalam – The Joyrides
    58:35 Indak – Up Dharma Down
    1:02:29 Marilag – Munimuni
    1:06:55 Waltz of Four Left Feet – Shirebound & Busking
    1:12:27 Hindi Ko Alam – Room for Cielo
    1:17:42 Ikaw – Hulyo

  2. Sobrang busy ko lang siguro kaya di ko na namalayang may nag eexist pa palang mga bagong kanta na may kabuluhan yun tipong hindi pare-parehas ang tunog at yung bawat tono eh may kasamang kwento salamat sa gumawa ng playlist na to hehe <3

  3. Parang mga kanta na nag eexist sa parallel universe. The magic of indei songs

  4. I’m so glad I stumbled on this playlist. Please upload more songs like this! Cheers! 🙂

  5. nakikinig, naaalala ang nakalipas, good old school days, panahon na liberated pa yung galawan, ☯️

  6. Uhhhh, I just saw my father listening to this… how the hell is it suddenly in MY recommendations?

  7. Sino po dito nalaman niya ampon pala siya, after mamatay ng adopted father, kaya pala ganun ang trato syo ng buong pamilya?

  8. Bagong Umaga by Kenneth, Bb. Yenaaa! Underrated yung song promise at ang ganda ng beat!

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