Playing Rhythm Guitar Using The Pentatonic Scale – Blues Rock Rhythm

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20 thoughts on “Playing Rhythm Guitar Using The Pentatonic Scale – Blues Rock Rhythm

  1. Good stuff Marty! I just love that Heritage 335!! Every time i see it I have to go looking!! 8) –gary

  2. This is one of the most valuable videos I’ve watched this year. Somewhere around 8 minutes, I just back it up, then keep re-playing it over and over.

  3. This is Great stuff. I have been following you for a year now, and my blues rock skills have improved a great deal. Thanks

  4. Marty for those learning and interested in the blues we need more of these examples of how to improv. Thanks Bro for all you do

  5. You’re makin us crazzzzzy
    You know that


    I’m a walkin on the road
    And what do I see
    A music man
    Callin out to me

    Let the truth ring out
    Let the truth be told
    Nuthin like a little rhythm
    Takin hold

    I started walkin different
    It wasn’t the same
    Made no difference
    Sun or rain

    I was lighter in my step
    Had a little Roll in my stroll
    It was brighter than diamonds
    More valuable than gold

    I’m tellin you baby
    I’m tellin you baby
    I feel like my soul
    Was bein made whole

    3:15 pm

  6. 10 years later your videos have inspired me to pick up my guitar again. Thanks man!

  7. You are a true legend, you play and all I can do smile at your skill, you have to do some living to play that good marty and I’m sure you have many tales from your ventures you’ve got the blues and the blues is got you now… peace ✌ ☮

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