PVP Gaming Heavy RockMetal Music Mix

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Songs posted on comments!

If you enjoyed this, please comment below what song/band I should add in my next mix. If this gets more comments then I’d love to make another mix with your favorite music ^_^

20 thoughts on “PVP Gaming Heavy RockMetal Music Mix

  1. Timestampled Playlist (Time, Artist, Song):

    00:00 Celldweller – Eon
    06:03 Blue Stahl – Ultra Numb
    10:18 Sybreed – Doomsday Party
    14:16 Rise to Fall – Admire The Clouds
    17:37 Ra – Do You Call My Name
    22:48 Tantric – Down and Out
    26:23 Korn – Did My Time
    30:26 Five Finger Death Punch – Dot Your Eyes
    33:37 Korn – Evolution
    37:12 Trapt – Bring It
    40:59 Korn – Here To Stay
    45:24 Fozzy – Judas
    49:25 In This Moment – Beast Within
    53:11 Korn – Right Now
    56:21 Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
    1:00:24 Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People
    1:04:04 Anberlin – The Feel Good Drag

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  5. This music is good, I look forward to listening and watching your channel grow. I subbed btw 😀

  6. I rode a mountain bike while playing this now is dirt bike
    I played this on electric go kart is now Tesla Roadster
    I played this while driving pick up truck now is a cybertruck
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