Reacting to the LEAST VIEWED Kpop Music Videos – A Tier List

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So I created a tier list of some of the least viewed KPOP music videos that my subscribers and I could find. Watch these music videos with me and create your own tier list here:

20 thoughts on “Reacting to the LEAST VIEWED Kpop Music Videos – A Tier List

  1. 😡 UPDATE: So a viewer recently brought to my attention an article posted about 3 hours ago with the exact same concept and content as this video (here’s a link to it: ). They even had the exact same list of music videos as me without even crediting me. 😡I called out on my Instagram story, so if you’d like to support me please repost it and tag! Thanks so much! ♥️

    Create your own tier list () and send it to me on Twitter or Instagram, and I retweet/ post them on my insta story!!!! And if you’d like me to do a boy group version, comment down below!

    Also wanted to say PLEASE WATCH THE DISCLAIMER if you believe any of the following
    – Thinks that by giving criticism, I am hating on these groups
    – Thinks that because I am less talented/ experienced, I am in no position to judge
    – Thinks that I am claiming this tier list is a fact rather than an opinion

  2. Tbh, None of the songs were really appealing to me, I see why they aren’t popular

  3. I still bump “Wake Me Up” from time to time. Was clearly the only replayable song here💙🦊

    Whoever recommended that is a real one

  4. Chic Angels’ song “Masquerade”, “Promise You” and “Yellow” weren’t that bad tbh, but not memorable enough.
    The videos too were😬

  5. Lol if a famous and successful group will sang a TERRIBLE song it will still be famous

  6. The Holics really weird… The vocals are… You know like… Haizzz i dunno how to say

  7. Holics is the worst underrated kpop girl group in my opinion and also when looking at the quality

  8. i love how in so many music videos the directors always say for all of them to look out a window and smile at nothing

  9. How to be a famous/Successful k pop idol:Join big 3 or don’t become one at all

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