Relaxing songs on the free day – Soul RB Music Playlist – Best soul of the time

Relaxing songs on the free day – Soul R&B Music Playlist – Best soul of the time

00:00 Better Kind of Bitter – Peachy Pavement
03:15 Choose Me – spring gang
06:36 Know About Us – Sionya
10:10 Back to Where We Started – Fictions
13:23 Work Things Out – Gloria Tells
16:32 I’ll Be Missing Your Love – Stonekeepers
20:57 Come Clean – Gloria Tells
24:31 Do Me Right – Wildson
28:59 Pull Me Closer – Deanz
32:05 You’ll Be Fine – spring gang
35:14 I Got Doubts – spring gang
34:58 Say It Again – spring gang
41:48 Love! – Gloria Tells
45:07 Give Me Your Love – spring gang
48:33 What We Got – Terin Ector
52:06 More Than Just a Fling – spring gang
55:20 Until It’s Over – spring gang
58:39 Just a another melody – Gloria Tells
01:02:09 Can’t Make Up My Mind – Gloria Tells
01:05:18 In Vain – Romaro
01:08:48 Spirit of the Season – Jesse Lawrence
01:12:28 Be Free – Sylvia Peyton
01:15:41 Forever and Now – Katnip
01:18:45 Will We Be Enough – spring gang
01:22:16 And Then I Wake Up – spring gang
01:25:49 Delusional – spring gang
01:29:24 Look at You – Snake City
01:32:28 Even Though It Hurts – King Sis
01:35:38 I Deserve Better – spring gang
01:38:44 Grow – Gloria Tells

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20 thoughts on “Relaxing songs on the free day – Soul RB Music Playlist – Best soul of the time

  1. Ben de sabit bir tarz dinleyenlerin, o muzik turunun köleleri oldugunu dusunurum. ayni tarz giyinenler de oyle. Hayati boyunca hep jazz dinleyen nasil yaratici olabilir ki? Muzik o anki ruh haline gore dinlenilir.

  2. who about to put new music on they phone because if this playlist? Me! This is an amazing playlist do y’all thang!

  3. Thaaaanks for sharing
    I love this kinda music
    Actually I’m on my period 😅so much pain 🤕🤕🤒 but this music makes me chill and fell asleep

    Love from Italy ❤️

  4. This playlist.. deeply triggered tf outta me lol you might want to reconsider a name change for this playlist, because while the songs themselves are nice and chill, the content of the songs are almost nothing but exes begging for their partner back and people struggling to be in relationships.

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