Rhythm And Blues – Parikrama

Featuring the legendary Usha Uthup.

19 thoughts on “Rhythm And Blues – Parikrama

  1. Hello Parikrama Official, where to download or buy the full recording of Parikrama’s performance at Download Fest?

  2. the woman is Sari is beautiful! I love how indian women dress themselves! Sari is the most beautiful dress in the world!

  3. great parikarama you rocked at kasouli rhythm &blue fest see you again guys

  4. Nitin showing respect to Usha Utap. I wish to see parikrama cover chainsaw Charlie by WASP. Only Parikrama can pul it off

  5. I don’t know how many times u guys came to perform at Kathmandu Nepal but believe me I ‘ve been to most of ur shows … n the great part is u guys r still making music… love parikrama always n can I have chords n lyrics to this classic n one more thing I think u guys had ur original number something called loda not sure name is correct

  6. this is supposed to be an original these artists collaborated n came up with..ever heard long cool woman by the hollies..shit like this makes me wish i wasn’t an indian..saala bollywood ho ya rock band, sab chor hai..

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