RHYTHM AND BLUES – TAWNMANG MAWL Music Video | Hmar Hla Thar 2022

Hmar Hla Music Video Thar 2022

Song Title : Tawnmang Mâwl
Artist : Rhythm & Blues

: Band Member :
Vocal : Anggu Kom
Keys & Guitar : Bul Tlau
Bass : Fela Inbuon
Drums : Kev Awmpui

Model – Lira

Sponsored by Mary Zohlupui Zote

Words & Tune – Anggu Kom
Recording – Bul Tlau Studio
Mixing & Mastering – DB Studio (Bung Bung)
Videography – HLN GOLD

Special Thanks to:
1. Salome Lalvarnei (Mimi Tlau)
2. James Pangote
3. Zohmingthang Zote
4. Timothy Darngawn
5. Bung Bung
6. Jeje Pakhuongte
7. DB Studio

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RHYTHM AND BLUES – TAWNMANG MAWL (Music Video) | Hmar Hla Thar 2022
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  1. Ava tha de a thluok le asak tu musician atha vel vawng, anggu bawi hung thaw pei rawh ihla nal deu deu hai kha

  2. Ka pute Timothy khm kan lawm takzet che…i hmatieng peia pathien in malsawm pei rw sen che

  3. Lak nal deu aw bai @Gsking Tusing mi ta ding a malsawmna hung ni pei raw… 👌

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