Rhythm Guitar Blues Styles

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20 thoughts on “Rhythm Guitar Blues Styles

  1. いつも楽しく拝見しています。ジャズになったりファンクになったり 楽しいてす。リクエストさせてください。「Feel Like Makin”Love」出来れば定番イントロ解説も(Bob Jamesみたいな)千葉の高齢ギターキッズより

  2. I’m your fan!😍 :))… I love watching these in the morning just to have a nice start of the day! if you have time take a look at #EvyMusicAndLifestyle too, thank you!

  3. 17:18から先生が歌い出した曲はなんという曲名でしょうか???コード進行が素敵なので知りたいです。。。

  4. I totally agree with u regarding the backing tracs. I use them to study the bass lines and the rythmic piano or guitar. Then I try to repoduce them on my looper (a boss rc 10 with the drum machine). And then I learn something.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Tomo, u enlight my days with your videos. Thank u so much for willing to share part of your knowledge with the amateur zicos that we are.

  5. Hi Tomo! Very nice lesson! Can you explain better the chords progression of the funky rhythm?

  6. Tomo, thanks so much for giving your time, we truly appreciate it! There is very little info out there about ending blues tunes in a jam sort of environment. I have a basic understanding of where the ending needs to fall rhythmically, but I always get pretty nervous when I’m leading the band and need to end the song. A lesson addressing this critical moment in a performance would be invaluable. Maybe talk about some go to licks you like to use, or how to come up with your own endings that fit, what to expect from the rhythm section etc… Keep up the great work.

  7. When the sound of the metronome almost completely disappears when you play, you know you’re in the pocket.

  8. Is this ok for beginners? I’m new to the channel and really wanna learn try learn more about the guitar and play some original stuff great video btw.

  9. Without question rhythm guitar is underrated. Eddie VH, Jimi, all known for insane solos, were master rhythm players.

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