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0:00:00 Seven Day Sonnet – Crying My Name
0:03:36 Cold Driven – Straingt For Disaster
0:07:09 We As Human – Fly
0:10:42 Cold Driven – In This Cold
0:14:51 Adakain – Sky Is Falling
0:18:15 Cold Driven – Rise Of The Broken
0:22:11 No Such Thing – Bury Me
0:26:03 Fighting Kind – Beginning Again
0:29:37 Dangerous New Machine – Better Days
0:33:12 Stria – Alive
0:36:40 The Paper Melody – …Then, The Sky Opened Up And Swallowed Them Whole
0:40:31 Think Harder – Paper Based Lies

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  1. I see that a lot of people dont like some of these songs in this video, I dont like some of them also so I decided to make my own list of rock songs u cna check my Chanel if u want.

  2. Con esta música te dan ganas de seguir dándole duro al entrenamiento aunque te sientas cansado te da motivación y ánimos ✌️💪♥️

  3. Have been trying to find some different metal/rock music to listen to and this playlist led me to the right spot especially for my workouts! You rock man!

  4. Great compilation!!! Got me through my 1 hr jumprope workout. Cheers from argentina.

  5. Great video. The author is great. There are many interesting videos about sports on my channel, take a look if it’s not hard

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