18 thoughts on “Royalty Core Classical Music

  1. This music soundtrack is so 🔥 amazing for studying 📖
    I like it when I just somehow teleport into another dimension while I study when listening to classical music! 😌🤌

  2. They always say the best music never dies, I guess the most royal music never dies, long live HALIDONMUSIC.👍💛👑

  3. As if your Royalty Core was centred on the tastes of royals and was intended purely to exclude me! But since Mozart was my favourite composer I roamed around here determined to ‘taste’ the Royal Music! Being my favourite composer I did enjoy Mozart’s music for decades – Vivaldi’s and Handel’s also.I have enjoyed lately music from other composers in the list, barring one.Mozart’s music always gives my mind a special kind of warmth.Enjoyed the music of all maestros , after accepting your invitation ‘to court’ for ‘feasting and a night of dancing’ but unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy both as Boccherini’s beautiful Minuet, as always since early 90’s , took my mind away! In a nutshell, it was a night worth enjoying musically and your royals have become my royals too – including Hoffsetter whom I was hearing for the first time.Your so-called Royalty Core, I realised at last, was wonderful indeed, thanks to those pre-eminent maestros.Gracias.Ciao.

  4. Grazie per il vostro invito! Con questa musica magnifica sarà una festa stellare! ✨🌟🎇💎🎵🎶🎼💎🎆🌟✨

  5. Музыка Моцарта вносит радостное настроение,оптимизм,наполняет энергией.И ДАЛЕЕ СОСТОЯНИЕ ДУШИ ПОГРУЖАЕТСЯ В ЗВУКОВУЮ ПРЕКРАСНУЮ СКАЗКУ.Спасибо всем композиторам,исполнителям,авторам канала.

  6. It is better for us if you make a playlist of these music pieces instead of putting them all in one video.

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