RWBY – Red Like Roses – Part II feat. Rena 【Intense Symphonic Metal Cover】

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Intense Symphonic Metal Cover of Red Like Roses – Part II from RWBY OST.


✍️ original track: Red Like Roses – Part II by Jeff Williams, Casey Lee Williams and Sandy Lee Casey
🔨 transcribed, arranged, and produced by Michał “FalKKonE” Sokołowski
🎤 vocals by Rena:
🖼️ thumbnail by 枯死的伞菇:
🎨 art by anonamos:


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20 thoughts on “RWBY – Red Like Roses – Part II feat. Rena 【Intense Symphonic Metal Cover】

  1. YES! It’s not everyday we get a new RWBY cover out in the world…. but it always a great day when we do. Awesome job guys. Cannot wait to see you hopefully, end up doing more down the line! Either way, was a blast.

  2. Just a thought crossing my mind: should we expect more RWBY covers after this masterpiece? Please say yes

  3. One of my friends recommended this cover to me(I know only very little about RWBY) and My God was it worth the listen! Nice work

  4. My head starts banging to the beat.
    *Nukes my flat due to the massive kinetic energy*

  5. I saw the remake of Red Trailer
    YouTube shows me this today
    I will sleep LATER


  6. a shame that after the death of monty the show went to shit in a couple of season

  7. Way better than the original in my opinion not that the original is bad but I love Rena’s voice so I’m biased

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