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Led by percussionist/arranger Gianni Mano (from the Latin-funk legends Radio Mundial), and fronted by Argentinian chanteuse, Solange Prat, the WSO has found an audience among new and classic salsa lovers, quickly becoming one of the most popular bands in New York City. WSO has taken the typical salsa form and infused it with a completely modern identity.

The Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra is a thrilling 11-piece salsa group which plays dynamic, dura arrangements of indie rock tunes we love. No bananas in the hair; this is innovative, astonishing salsa with a new, vibrant aesthetic. With an ever-evolving set list that includes songs by Arcade Fire, TV On The Radio, Spoon, M83, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Black Keys, and many more, the WSO has taken the typical salsa form and infused it with a completely modern identity.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

20 thoughts on “SalsaIndie Rock fusion | Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra | TEDxBushwick

  1. The band is tight! The singer is refreshing in all her stage energy . Very Inviting and crowd pleasing, I would pay happily to watch and listen to them. They all have a respect for music and a passion of performers, whether learned talent or natural born.
    Fellow musicians of self respect do not bash other talent..just saying 🙂
    She sings beautifully and moves just fine in my opinion.
    Music and dancing is about passion and expression, unfortunately some people know neither and usually are the ones who comment in demeaning form..
    Thanks for the video..

  2. LLoré oyendo esto de pura alegría¡ Me hicieron sentir el sabor de la salsa hermosa¡ Gracias, muchas gracias por esto amigos, hermanos de la salsa y la buena música.

  3. Llegué a este vídeo como amante del Indie Rock y me voy como seguidor de esta orquesta.

    Para quienes lo deseen, este es el set de canciones:

    00:19 – 04:20: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy
    04:27 – 07:32: Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks
    07:40 – 10:17: Spoon – I Turn My Camera On
    10:26 – 14:05: Santigold – L.E.S. Artistes
    14:16 – 18:10: Raúl Midón – Sunshine (I Can Fly)
    18:21 – 20:44: Alabama Shakes – Hold On
    21:14 – 23:50: TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me

  4. Tiene algo a lo que hacia Gloria Estefan en Miami Sound Machine, claro guardando las distancias, todavía están verdes.

  5. As an old salsero from Williamsburg Brooklyn…..I’m in love with this Ochestra……….my question is…..are they from Williamsburg? Because back in the day we had a many great salsa band ….is this our new generation?   Love you all!

  6. Tight band, great sound. The young lady has a fantastic voice. Y también le sobra la clave…

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