Sama’ Abdulhadi | Boiler Room Palestine

Making her Boiler Room debut on home turf is Palestine’s techno queen Sama’ Abdulhadi.

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20 thoughts on “Sama’ Abdulhadi | Boiler Room Palestine

  1. Sama’ is truly my cuppa tea!! I’m an OG from 90’s when raves and house parties were still underground-I just mean I’ve heard a lot of styles of music, and a lot that sounds the dang same! These days I can’t think of anyone as good as you, Sama’…what a debut! I love every second, I found this when I was getting ready for a sleep meditation and couldn’t turn it off!! I can’t wait to blast this on my stereooo Lotsa love and peace, best wishes

  2. ma it the name or the link to listen the music of the very first minute plase , thanks

  3. People of Palestine know a good vibe when they hear one.!…No cellphone photography. Just Dancing and Good vibes~— Love from NJ -USA

  4. Dear hero Sama if I cut do anything for you to make life more ezey for you and for your situation I would do those thinks with out a dout first thing I would put my mind to but in fackt I don’t know if the people that can in realety at doing for your savety I don’t know if they do those things I prommis you . I hoop they listen to you and me and what ever makes your life a lot less stressful. And I don’t want to make you put in more stressful situation over there with that people in palastein. If I did make it harder for you becours of the things I messege you I’m really sorry and I’m a shamed for those people that could only never did to help you relève some stres of your shoulders oke I do hoop Pharma is helping with relabeling stres for you. Oke wil not Say more becours I don’t know what your situation is right now and if my words have a negative or positive affect on your safety oke bey now I hoop your doing whel and things ar Les stressful for you oke bey now

  5. This is a great set! God Bless Palestine! On a separate note, watching this, my sympathy goes out to all women harassed by men at clubs!

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