SEMBLANT – What Lies Ahead Official Video

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:: LUNAR MANIFESTO will be release worldwide on July 8th! CD and Limited Edition Vinyl via pre-order available NOW at:

:: Video produced by:

– Alceste Ribas —


1. Incinerate
2. Dark of the Day
5. Bursting Open
6. Mists Over the Future
7. The Hand the Bleeds
8. Selfish Liar
9. Ode to Rejection
10. The Blind Eye
11. Scarlet Heritage (Legacy of Blood pt III)

:: Band is:

– Mizuho Lin – Female Vocal
– Sergio Mazul – Male Vocal
– J Augusto – Keyboards
– João Vitor – Bass
– Sol Perez – Guitar
– Juliano Ribeiro – Guitar
– Welyntom “THOR” Sikora — Drums

:: Produced and Engineered by:

– Adair Daufembach in Daufembach Studio, São Paulo/SP between 2013/2014

::Released by:
– EMP Label Group, 2016 —
– Shinigami Records, 2014 —

20 thoughts on “SEMBLANT – What Lies Ahead Official Video

  1. Not meaning to sound to blunt here but was enjoying the song well until he started singing

  2. По сути на одной лишь сексуальной телки/ах подобное только и держится. Пробивание на сперму как в попсе.

  3. One of the worst made music videos of all time. The song can be made by young children.

    Their other songs are better and the other videos too.

  4. Maybe would have been good if the person mastering made us able to hear the words. 6/10.

  5. Thank you YouTube for another great recommend. I love eliminating lemonade. Damn lemons

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