send this playlist to your friend that doesn’t know what indie rock, pop and alt music is ;

aaaaaa I wanted to make this playlist for so long :’D this is a playlist with the music I grew up أ‿أ I discovered indie rock when I was 11 because of the song What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club, and then I started to search for music and I enjoyed a lot :’D listening to this playlists give me memories from past years and it’s very nostalgic, at least for me hahaha

20 thoughts on “send this playlist to your friend that doesn’t know what indie rock, pop and alt music is ;

  1. the amazing photo by lovely bro Guroichka
    follow her art in instagram <3
    here the spotify link !
    our discord squad :'D
    also, big mood 43:43
    (0:00) 01. Doc Aquatic - Arrived (needs more recognition! )
    (2:56) 02. Doc Aquatic - All Timer
    (6:34) 03. Trails and Ways - My things
    (9:14) 04. Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
    (12:22) 05. Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
    (15:07) 06. The Jungle Giants - She's a Riot
    (18:45) 07. The Jungle Giants - All The Wrong Places
    (22:09) 08. The Jungle Giants - Mr Polite
    (26:21) 09. The Jungle Giants - One Of These Days
    (30:05) 10. Tourism - City Never Sleeps
    (33:22) 11. Tourism - Supermodel
    (36:17) 12. Tourism - Float Away
    (40:04) 13. Tourism - A Song for You (Once Beaten Black and Blue)
    (43:14) 14. The Jungle Giants - I'll See You Tomorrow
    (46:20) 15. The Jungle Giants - A Pair of Lovers
    (49:13) 16. Two Door Cinema Club - Sun
    (52:18) 17. Two Door Cinema Club - Handshake
    (55:45) 18. Two Door Cinema Club - Next Year
    (59:55) 19. Last Dinosaurs - Sunday Night
    (1:03:46) 20. Last Dinosaurs - Andy
    (1:07:31) 21. Last Dinosaurs - Time & Place
    (1:10:49) 22. Last Dinosaurs - Zoom
    (1:14:45) 23. Pupppy - Beans (deserve recognition aaa )
    (1:17:34) 24. Alex Turner - Stuck on the puzzle
    (1:21:04) 25. Passion Pit - Take A Walk
    (1:25:25) 26. Passion Pit - Carried Away
    (1:29:05) 27. Midi Matilda - Just My Imagination
    (1:32:23) 28. Midi Matilda - You Make Me Feel Like
    (1:36:15) 29. Midi Matilda - By The Firelight (I got confused while editing the video 😭)
    (1:40:34) 30. Midi Matilda - Day Dreams
    (1:44:12) 31. Midi Matilda - Stranger
    (1:47:30) 32. The Jungle Giants - Come and Be Alone With Me
    (1:50:30) 33. The Jungle Giants - Back To The Start
    (1:54:22) 34. The Jungle Giants - Domesticated Man
    (1:57:30) 35. Foster the People - Best Friend
    (2:01:56) 36. Foster the People - Houdini
    (2:05:17) 37. Foster the People - Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)
    (2:08:10) 38. Trails & Ways - Mtn Tune
    (2:12:18) 39. Trails & Ways - Skeletons
    (2:16:02) 40. Trails & Ways - Taj Mahal (cover)
    (2:19:14) 41. Two Door Cinema Club - Costume Party

  2. pov: you are drawing any character of anime while u r listening this playlist.

  3. hi, could you make a playlist with songs that have lots of synth lines? :)))

  4. Way too many ads, ruined a good playlist so that I don’t want to listen to it anymore

  5. This makes me feel old, not because its been a while since some of this music was released, but because its put together by someone who obviously “came of age” musically a while after me and although there’s some musical overlap, they’ve included songs from after a certain date and not included stuff from before that. Makes me want to share the good music like this that came out before these songs. You can really tell a bit about a person by the music they include and don’t include haha. Obviously a big 2DCC fan lol.

  6. I really like Tourism but i cant find anything about them or any albums by them! does anyone know where I can find them?

  7. Gotta say, Foster the People were done a great disservice by only having Pumped Up Kicks become well known. The three songs you put here downright slap.

  8. 9:26-9:40
    Chileans: I know that sound …

    only Chileans (who will never see this xd) will understand

  9. this is the vibes i need on a daily basis, its so calming, like the sounds of my childhood. It makes things a little better

  10. I love listening to indie playlists and quite curious can anyone recommend artists or songs for me to listen to I literally dont know where to start? 😭✋

  11. Hey, if ever you want another song to add to your playlist, I’d like to recommend J.C. Leyendecker by Yanni Li :>

  12. your playlist are literally my life when i started figuring myself out and who i am, and still am a bit, definitely gonna be playing for my cross country trip when i go to move away from my hometown. <33

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