Six Bluesy Shuffles – A Rhythm Guitar Lesson

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How to Play Six Bluesy Shuffles – A Rhythm Guitar Lesson for beginners to Advanced Players! The shuffle is the backbone of many well-known blues guitar songs. In this lesson, I’ll breakdown six variations inspired by players like Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Brownie McGhee. Create a feeling of movement with your rhythm performance, as you add a Country and Boogie Woogie twist! Thanks so much for watching, many more guitar lessons are on the way! -Rob
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20 thoughts on “Six Bluesy Shuffles – A Rhythm Guitar Lesson

  1. Hello friends,
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  2. This is a crazy good lesson. I just learn a killer blues solo and this gave me some great ideas so I can find the best pattern fir this particular musical style. I love the blues!!! Addictive. 🇨🇦 CANADA

  3. I just found this so if you already have a video like it I apologize but I would really like more elaboration on s.r.v. style stuff. My biggest ones I wanna know how to play is cold shot and pride and joy. I love the intro to pride and joy but I love the shuffle of cold shot. It has an amazing sound.

  4. Subscribed! You have no clue how long I’ve been searching for this, didn’t even know what to call it. Thanks dude

  5. Firstly I am sorry for my english, your scales, lick and your progression so banal,when you play guitar I dont feel the blue spirit, your sound so artifical not pure so sorry just my opinion

  6. Fuck dude, this is the exact time of vid i’ve been searching for. No nonsense. I love it.

  7. Amazing teaching. How the hell, you manage to get to the point! Other videos, so much talking. And little done. Send love, from Madrid.

  8. Where has this been?? I’ve been trying to find these exact blues rhythms for so long! Even Marty Schwartz failed me. Jk. So refreshing to formally see, learn, and be able to practice this after work! Thank you so much for putting this out there! Much respect and appreciation sir.

  9. I’ve tried playing for many, many years. Could NOT find a book that taught me all of this. Could not get a teacher to teach me this—even though I was the one paying for the darn lessons! I’ve long wanted to learn more blues shuffles, turnarounds, and the theory to tie it together. Regardless, I’ve not gotten past the most basic of progressions for years, so I’m pretty happy to have stumbled upon this lesson. Thank you! Nobody else wants to take the time to teach this material—or, even if they did, they don’t have the communication skills or teaching experience to do it justice. I believe you could build a mountain off this material, starting with this one lesson, if you are ever inclined to put it out into the world.

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