Sledgehammer – Vintage ’50s Rhythm Blues Cover ft. Noah Guthrie

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Noah Guthrie (from “Glee” and his own popular YouTube channel) makes his PMJ debut this week on a Peter Gabriel classic: “Sledgehammer.” Check out his amazing voice on our retro cover!

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Noah Guthrie – vocals

Tara Louise – backup vocals

Adanna Duru – backup vocals

Adam Kubota – bass

Conrad Bauer – guitar

Aaron McLendon – drums

Scott Bradlee – piano
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20 thoughts on “Sledgehammer – Vintage ’50s Rhythm Blues Cover ft. Noah Guthrie

  1. Again a Genius cover version !! and kill me for that but i think this beat fit`s better with the lyric`s and peter would not be able to sing it like that.

  2. Scott is cranking out some blues piano! Pinetop would be proud. No doubt the fake guitar is not planned,,,that’s funny!

  3. I have been following Noah for the longest time. I am glad he is part of PMJ! Sledgehammer! Yes. Peter would be proud.

  4. Can this PLEASE be on your next karaoke album?! I love this version, it’s a favorite song and SO much fun to sing 😀

  5. Awesome! Lots of fun. His voice reminds me of someone but I can’t remember who. Not Peter Gabriel. Very good though.

  6. I saw Brother Ray and the Raylettes in a smokey little club in 1975, and it felt just like this.

  7. Anyone know what the chords are they’re playing during the turnaround/chorus????

    Seems like a straight up I IV V progression but whatever their playing instead of the the V makes this song

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