Soft Jazz: “Dream” 3 Hours of Soft Jazz Saxophone Music Fall Asleep Dreaming in Relaxation

“Dream” is a collection of very mellow, soft, and relaxing jazz standards performed by Dr. SaxLove and his jazz quartet. Relaxing instrumental music performed with an image of the moon rising over the ocean. Beautiful!

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🎧Soft Jazz Playlist 🎧

0:00:00 Dream
0:04:17 Waitin’ For A Train To Come In
0:08:36 Harlem Nocturne
0:14:04 Night and Day
0:18:27 Moonlight Serenade
0:24:31 It Had To Be You
0:28:30 Skylark
0:33:30 Someday My Prince Will Come
0:41:04 Misty
0:46:54 You Are Too Beautiful
0:53:52 Midnight Mood
0:58:54 My One & Only Love
1:04:59 Stardust

If you enjoy jazz standards, especially soft, slow, romantic jazz standards played on the tenor saxophone, you will absolutely love this video. These songs are jazz classics, and they’re are performed with the intention of creating a mood that is mellow, romantic, relaxing, and smooth.

The songs in this video are from these albums:
►Midnight Mood –
►Nearness –
►String Of Pearls –


~Dr. SaxLove


Dr. SaxLove specializes in smooth jazz instrumental background music. His music is intended for relaxation, study music, dinner music, gaming, sensual times, and any time. Chill saxophone music always sounds good.

This is the music of saxophonist Mark Maxwell:

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  1. This is my favorite of jazz on your channel it calms me down and it helps me relax 🎷🐺

  2. Im getting addictive to these music compilation of Dr. saxlove. 🤗🖤🖤💃🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶

  3. When did you say were the dates of your next european tour???????let me know please your group is inviting. Post to be kept, now there is quite a great number in the library….cheers

  4. I am very glad that I got to listen to this. Helps me sleep better.
    Thanks for the sweet music, Dr. SaxLove! 👍

  5. ahhhh…yos JUICY cheese myoon EGWAYOMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. I am 7 and you’re music makes me go to sleep quick 🎷🎷🧡🧡 Thank you 😊

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