Thai indie rock songs and other genres a discovering playlist

this playlist is a mix with songs I used to listen the last year, while I was returning home after uni with my bro, and new ones that I found in youtube to make this. Hope you like it :’D let’s share Thai indie music :^)9
when I first listen to it I was shuck because IT’S GOOD aaAAAAaAAa I found it in youtube but I don’t remember how xD
for what I see, Thai indie rock is kinda different from other countries (? like it has its own style and I love it aaaaaa tell me what you think if you want to :^D

photo by aaron warner
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20 thoughts on “Thai indie rock songs and other genres a discovering playlist

  1. discord server!
    (0:00) 01. Gym and Swim – Yuuwahuu
    (2:48) 02. Gym and Swim – Sunrise
    (6:46) 03. Gym and Swim – Round and round
    (10:34) 04. YONLAPA – Let Me Go
    (14:33) 05. Gym and Swim – Ironman
    (17:33) 06. Folk9 – Sunglasses
    (21:28) 07. Folk9 – Plant
    (23:40) 08. temp. – Miss Summer
    (28:00) 09. temp. – Ring Ring
    (31:31) 10. THE WHITE HAIR CUT – ทุกช่วงเวลา
    (35:49) 11 . Numcha – Keep cold
    (39:43) 12. H 3 F – How Can I
    (44:09) 13. Phum Viphurit – Softly Spoken
    (48:30) 14. H 3 F – Just Sayin’
    (52:46) 15. Folk9 – Romantic Scene
    (57:16) 16. PLASUI PLASUI – Time
    (1:00:47) 17. temp. – Moonshine
    (1:03:39) 18. Folk9 – FOLK9 – ผลดอกไม้

    (1:08:44) 19. Folk9 – Memory
    (1:12:54) 20. temp. – Motel California
    (1:16:20) 21. mamakiss – ดาวเคราะห์แคระ / Dwarf Planet

  2. That’s so sooo nice being able to check out another country groups that easily through playlist. Honest especially countries from all Asian continent because it’s always western music that is easily spread while Most of the world is sleeping on some music gems 💎 I have a little heart spark for Mamakiss !

  3. holy heck, thank you for this! I’m half thai and have lived in thailand for pretty much all my life, i also love rock & indie so this is perfect!!! i discovered you from the japanese and alt vids. i dont normally comment much but i hope you have a nice year <3 lots of your playlists has helped me study and keep track of time :))

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  5. conheci o canal ontem e já é meu preferido de música

  6. Do you have some sort of power, how do you find these songs your channel is an entire archive of good music

  7. There are lots of Korean/Japanese playlist but we need more playlists in more different languages like this🇹🇭❤️ Thank youu^^ I also create Aesthetic Turkish Playlists on my channel 🇹🇷💫🙃

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