The Best Hard Rock Metal Gym Workout Music Mix

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20 thoughts on “The Best Hard Rock Metal Gym Workout Music Mix

  1. Worst rendition of in the end by linkin park i have ever heard. but the rest of the playlist is aweasome. thanks dude

  2. Tracklist again Let it burn! For some burn in your Muscles let the BEAR POWER come out 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Fight!
    1. Hey You – (Simon Says) 
    2. Rockstar (Andy Cizek/Nik Nocturnal)
    3. Dark Storms (Our Last Night)
    4. Forever (Onlap)
    5. The Chance (Blockheads)
    6. Bring It (Trapt)
    7. Calm Before The Storm (Hollow Point Heroes)
    8. Everywhere I Go (Onlap)
    9. The Quickening (The Fallen State)
    10. In The Dark (Fight The Sin)
    11. The Awakening (Onlap)
    12.Loser – Symphonia Suprema
    13. Storm (End With A Bullet)
    14. In The End Cover (Colossus)
    15. Behold The Flood – Crawling in The Dark (Hoobastank Cover)
    16. Cast The First Stone (Silent Civilian)

  3. Brutal brilliant an brings out the animal in me an thank you for play list on comments I need to find some of these bands make walking an running so much easier love it hope for more

  4. 34:02- Its not up to fate the choice is mine to make. I am my own ruler of fate then, right?

  5. If you really wanna rip down the gym, listen to Thy Art is Murder or Chelsea Grin while doing your training. This is Deathcore!!!

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