The Disturbing Truth Behind K-Pop Music

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People all over the world dream of being pop stars, but perhaps nowhere else more than South Korea. But you know what they say: be careful what you wish for, because being a K-Pop star is actually a dangerous, degrading, and downright scary job. Here’s a look at the disturbing truth behind K-Pop music…

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Slavery | 0:16
Prostitution | 0:51
Plastic surgery | 1:18
Crazy fans | 1:51
Health concerns | 2:52
Racism | 3:32
There’s no creative freedom | 3:55

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20 thoughts on “The Disturbing Truth Behind K-Pop Music

  1. there another dark side a lot of fans who only liked them for their appearance sometimes they Criticize them for gaining weight and being to skinny

  2. Everything these Kpop people are doing is recycled. Lol I don’t know any Kpop song except for that gangnam song that I thought was terrible.

  3. I’m a fan of Jpop. I saw the horrible reason why K-pop is way more popular than Jpop.

  4. I love kpop groups so much!! Just the entertainment companies need to stop

  5. thats why i dont kpop my self.try new wave or better yet trance,kpop make you dumb…

  6. Psy have changed all this… many artist is under his record label and he does not control many things.. he allows them to have creative freedom and do what they want.

  7. Kpop being international just puts more pressure on the industry to encourage this, it should stay within Korea/Asia

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